As the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt across the world, the vaccine industry in Europe remains committed to global efforts to care for those affected, contain the outbreak and develop resources to tackle future outbreaks.

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The people making COVID-19 vaccines need them as much as we all do

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Our commitments

At Vaccines Europe our thoughts are with all those affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Vaccines Europe, part of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), stands in support with the global community and the World Health Organization (WHO) to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

While governments contend with implementing appropriate public health measures and health systems are treating unprecedented numbers of patients requiring intensive care, our industry is focused on three key areas:

  1. Ensuring the supply of existing vaccines to the patients that need them
  2. Supporting governments and health systems on the ground
  3. The search for vaccines to help in the fight against the coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic is the public health challenge of our time, which requires a concerted effort and new solutions to be found together. Vaccines Europe, as a representative of innovative research & development vaccine manufacturers, is honoured to be a part of the R&D ecosystem that responds n a spirit of partnership. We participate in an unprecedent exchange of information and dialogue with other stakeholders on how to address this pandemic.

Europe’s collaborative research community has responded to global health crises before. Through efforts such as the Innovative Medicines Initiative and other public-private partnerships1, we advanced new Ebola vaccine candidates, and diagnostics, and developed new identification and compliance tools. Collaborating in this way has the potential to accelerate development of resources to tackle this pandemic. It enables networks of centres of excellence that can deliver real impact and create a preparedness infrastructure which can be mobilized for future outbreaks.

Our members are committed to ensure that when new vaccines are approved they are available and affordable. See all our commitments here.



Members Updates

Worldwide, there are around 80 initiatives focusing on the development of COVID-19 candidate vaccine. The World Health Organization (WHO) regularly updates their report on the research & development landscape of COVID-19 candidate vaccines here.

Vaccines Europe’s company members are actively contributing to research efforts to develop potential COVID-19 vaccine candidates. Below are just a few of many examples of how we are supporting efforts in the prevention of the COVID-19 outbreak.


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