Adult Immunization Board

The Adult Immunization Board (AIB) by the University of Antwerp and the University of Florence is a new advisory board established with the aim of contributing to the reduction of the impact of vaccine-preventable infections and diseases in European adults. The Board’s primary goal is to provide evidence-based guidance on fundamental technical and strategic issues, while monitoring the progress of adult immunisation programs at European and (sub)national levels. The AIB contains internationally recognised experts in the field of adult vaccination. Leveraging their expertise and knowledge, the Board is committed to providing practical and evidence-based advice to improve adult immunisation programs across Europe. The AIB pledges to work transparently and collaboratively to improve the health of adults in Europe.

The AIB was set up in 2022 and is supported for its activities and meetings by an unrestricted grant from Vaccines Europe. Meeting topics and editorial control of the output and website rests entirely with the executive secretariat of the Adult Immunization Board according to all ethical rules of both Universities.