Vaccines Europe's response to the Communication on Preparedness for COVID-19 vaccination strategies and vaccine deployment

Vaccines Europe welcomes the European Commission’s Communication on Preparedness for COVID-19 vaccination strategies and vaccine deployment[1] published today. The industry shares the commitment to make the safety[2] and well-being of vaccinated individuals the number one priority, and to ensure equitable and affordable access to vaccines in Europe and across the globe, once approved.

We welcome the call from the European Commission to have a coordinated approach of national responses to the pandemic with a common vaccination strategy for vaccine deployment. This will significantly contribute in instilling vaccine confidence.

We know that, despite tremendous efforts by all stakeholders involved, there will not be enough vaccines from the start to meet the global public health need. We therefore welcome the Commission’s guidance on the priority groups for the initial phases of vaccine deployment.

We welcome the Commission’s consideration for labelling and packaging flexibilities which will facilitate the production of Covid-19 vaccines and help to avoid potential delays in supply.

We also support the Commission’s recommendations to ensure that vaccination services are able to deliver and distribute vaccines in an ordered manner, including considerations on transport and sufficient, affordable and accessible vaccination points. We would like to reemphasize the importance of minimizing impact on ongoing vaccination programs whilst deploying COVID-19 vaccination.

As stated by Commissioner Stella Kyriakides, vaccines will not save lives, vaccinations will. This is why, above all, we look forward to the European Democracy Action Plan, that will tackle in a proactive approach a misinformation and disinformation around a possible Covid-19 vaccine.

Magdalena De Azero, Executive Director of Vaccines Europe said. “Today’s communication proved once again that we have a collective responsibility and need a highly coordinated and collaborative action by public and private stakeholders alike to end the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on individuals, society and economy. Vaccines Europe’s members are committed to continue working with EU institutions and Member States to fulfil this mission.”