COVIDRIVE first study results published

COVIDRIVE is a unique cross-pharma public-private partnership of vaccine companies and research groups who joined forces in 2021 to collect real-world data on the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. The first results were recently presented in a scientific article, published in the journal The Lancet Regional Health-Europe. Data from hospitalized individuals with severe respiratory infections between June 2021 and September 2022 in four European countries (Austria, Belgium, Spain and Italy) were analysed. The study concluded that primary-series vaccination with AstraZeneca´s COVID-19 vaccine confers protection against COVID-19 hospitalisation with enduring levels of vaccine effectiveness through ≥6 months. This publication is a joint effort of P95, FISABIO, AstraZeneca and study contributors. Find out more here

Over 10,000 patients recruited

Since its initiation in September 2021, this first COVIDRIVE study has recruited over 10,000 patients. This high recruitment number allowed the COVIDRIVE team to answer critical questions related to COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness, including duration of protection of the different vaccines, vaccine effectiveness against specific variants of concern and impact of additional vaccine doses. As of today, the network is comprised of 31 study sites in 13 European countries, comprising 55 hospitals, 5 primary care networks and a nation-wide register.