Vaccines Europe priorities for vaccination policies in Europe

Vaccines Europe welcomes the European Commission initiative to launch the EU Joint Action on Vaccination. This EU Joint Action represents a unique opportunity to address common challenges faced by the EU Member States as highlighted in the Council Conclusions on vaccinations as an effective tool in public health, in December 2014. This becomes even more relevant against a background of increasing vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks leading to avoidable death and disability, the increase of antimicrobial resistance and the ageing of the population.

The vaccine industry shares the commitment of the entire public health community to protect European citizens of all ages against infectious diseases. Vaccines Europe is committed to working with stakeholders to ensure a reliable supply of safe, effective and innovative vaccines in Europe and worldwide. Vaccines Europe has identified a number of key areas, which could significantly strengthen vaccination in Europe and facilitate the achievements of European Immunisation goals.

  1. Strengthening European surveillance capabilities to support National Immunisation Strategies and Programmes
  2. Tackling vaccine hesitancy and improving confidence in vaccination
  3. Establishing predictable vaccine supply and demand
  4. Setting up a R&D framework to develop vaccines for the future

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