Prioritising Adult Immunisation Policy in Europe

From a public health perspective, the success of large-scale immunisation programmes is
unequivocal. Childhood vaccination is one of the greatest medical success stories of the 20th century
and its benefits have been widely recognised and documented. However, as demonstrated by the
COVID-19 pandemic, infectious diseases can also have a devastating impact on adults’ health,
quality of life and mortality, as well as on the resilience and functioning of healthcare systems
and on the national, European, and global economy. The pandemic has reinforced the
importance of adult immunisation as a key path to exit from the COVID-19 pandemic and as an
important policy priority to protect adults against Vaccine Preventable Diseases, support public
health goals and drive health care efficiency and socio-economic prosperity.

Therefore, Vaccines Europe calls for 4 ACTIONS to protect adults in Europe against Vaccine
Preventable Diseases (VPDs):