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Vaccination at the Heart of Public Health. Vaccines Europe calls on EU policy-makers to develop a comprehensive vaccination strategy through five core policy asks.

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Vaccine Market Access in the EU

How long for a vaccine to reach European Population? 6,4 years is the median time lag between marketing authorisation and effective population access

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Vaccines Europe acts as the cohesive voice of the Europe-based vaccine industry sector and is a trusted partner for public authorities. Find out more about our association and contribution to Europe.

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The vaccine industry
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With 47% growth in R&D investment over the past eight years and over 70% of current R&D projects based on new antigens and new combinations, Vaccines Europe members highly contribute to innovation.

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An industry for healthy lives

As the EU-wide recognised vaccine industry stakeholder, Vaccines Europe represents major innovative research-based vaccine companies operating in Europe and is currently expanding to SMEs.
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Vaccines Europe welcomes the adoption of Council Conclusions on “Vaccinations as an effective tool in public health”

2014 12 01 Written by Vaccines Europe

Vaccines Europe welcomes the Council Conclusions on “Vaccinations as an effective tool in public health”, adopted today by the EU Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs (EPSCO) Council. The adopted Conclusions are a fundamental development on the EU political agenda for public health, and constitute an important basis to strengthen EU action in supporting Member States to implement effective immunisation programmes in the years to come.

The Council Conclusions recognise the core challenges affecting the “state of health” of vaccination programmes in the EU, which go from costly outbreaks of preventable diseases to the need of addressing demographic ageing through a life-course approach to vaccination.  Read more…

Improving the Vaccine Decision-Making and Evaluation Framework: critical to accelerate citizen access and increase trust in vaccination throughout Europe

2014 11 28 Written by Vaccines Europe

Vaccines Europe is pleased to announce the publication in Vaccine of a cross-country comparative study analysing National Immunisation Technical Advisory Groups policies and practices.

This work comes at a crucial time in Europe where decision-making processes to include vaccines in national immunisation programmes is evolving as to optimise and facilitate timely and equitable populations’ access to innovative vaccines. The more and more, governments are opening multi-stakeholder debates including public health bodies, HTA agencies, budget-holders and industry to achieve effective decision-making and implementation of vaccination programmes. Read more…

Launch of Innovative Medicines Initiative Programme to Help Respond to Ebola Crisis

2014 11 06 Written by Vaccines Europe

Vaccines Europe is pleased to announce today the launch of Ebola+, the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI2) Programme Call to Help Responding to the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Crisis. This EUR 280 Million call is expected to bring together pharmaceutical and vaccine companies and researchers working in the space of Ebola and haemorragic fevers prevention and treatment leveraging the already on-going investments to address the current outbreak in West Africa. Read more…

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