Vaccines Europe Position
on forecasting of vaccine demand in Europe

Vaccines Europe member companies are committed to the public health needs of European citizens and citizens of the world. Ensuring vaccine availability in times of increased demand and supply constraints can only be achieved by a strong industry operating in a stable environment, able to produce vaccines of the highest quality and to innovate to meet future vaccine needs. Supply and demand sides need to be in balance to ensure a healthy vaccine ecosystem. If the installed capacity is too large, the fixed cost of overcapacity increases the production cost of each vaccine dose. Conversely, supply lower than demand leads to shortages, which may impact public health. All major European vaccine manufacturers are global suppliers and have the objective to meet worldwide demand as best as possible. Therefore, long-term and accurate forecasting of worldwide vaccines demand is an important factor for the successful launch of new vaccines or securing sufficient supply of existing vaccines, especially in a complex and highly regulated environment.

Our position paper can be accessed here