Vaccine Europe position on the IPROVE Industry R&D priorities

The Innovation Partnership for a Roadmap on Vaccines in Europe (IPROVE) collaboration has been tasked with preparing the first-ever strategic European roadmap outlining the science and technology investments required for vaccine innovation. The result of this collaboration, the IPROVE Roadmap, was published in 2018, and contains 82 recommendations which are focused around 7 challenges, each specified in main priorities.

This position paper is dedicated to the first challenge, vaccine R&D, for which five main priorities were identified (see P1-P5 in Table 1 below), and a total of 22 specific recommendations were made. Based on these recommendations, the European vaccines industry (which has, through Vaccines Europe, played an active role in the generation of the Roadmap) subsequently conducted an internal prioritisation exercise, to select those that are most relevant for the vaccine industry, of common interest, and require more investments in research and innovation in the coming years. As a result, 7 key recommendations (R1-R7) have been selected across the five priorities, as presented in Table 1.

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