Vaccines Europe Manifesto


6 March 2019 – Brussels, Belgium: Vaccines Europe launched a Manifesto today calling for action of European policy makers to harness the 2017-2019 momentum on vaccination and protect European citizens against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Access the manifesto here.

The manifesto outlines the three visions of the innovative vaccine industry in Europe:

  • Health for all, highlighting the importance of vaccination throughout the life-span and role of all healthcare professionals in informing their patients about the importance of vaccination as well as being vaccinated themselves; 
  • European excellence, proving the innovative vaccine industry should stay in Europe and what role existing and new vaccines have to play in the fight against AMR; and 
  • Stronger together, summarising the benefits of sustainable vaccine supply and demand ecosystem in Europe and the importance of e-health for national immunisation programmes.

The manifesto highlights the importance of cooperation of all stakeholders in addressing vaccine and vaccination issues in Europe. It lays out the asks of the European-based innovative vaccine industry, a stakeholder who has a role to play in the ongoing EU initiatives on vaccination.

Speaking about the launch of the manifesto, Pascale Mauran, President of Vaccines Europe said:

“EU leaders have a critical role to play by building on the 2017-2019 momentum on vaccination and supporting the implementation of the goals laid out in the Council Recommendation in the EU Member States. Vaccines Europe welcomes the EU initiatives on vaccination and encourages public authorities together with all stakeholders to implement them. This will ensure vaccination remains the cornerstone of Public health in Europe through successful prevention policies which can protect all European citizens against vaccine-preventable diseases throughout their life.”

The full manifesto and leaflet can be accessed at and downloaded on the following links: ManifestoLeaflet.

About Vaccines Europe

Formed in 1991, Vaccines Europe represents major innovative research-based vaccine companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises operating in Europe which account for a large share of human vaccines used worldwide.


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