UK AMR Review Report on the role of vaccines in the AMR fight

Vaccines Europe welcomes the report on “Vaccines and alternative approaches: reducing our dependence on antimicrobials” published today by the UK Government-commission O’Neill AMR review.

The report addresses in a clear way the fundamental importance of the role that vaccines can play in the global fight against anti-microbial resistance. Vaccines Europe considers that any national or supra national action plan to fight the rising threat of antimicrobial resistance should first look at all possible measures that can be implemented to prevent infections.

Although the report mainly refers to the need for improving access to the existing vaccines in developing countries, it must be noted that in the EU some of the vaccines mentioned are not recommended in some countries as part of the routine vaccination programmes, limiting their potential full impact. Furthermore, where the recommendations are in place coverage is sometimes sub-optimal or in decline.

Vaccines Europe agrees with the need to renew research impetus to develop new vaccines to address either “community-acquired infections” or “hospital-acquired infections”. The Vaccines Europe members are already highly investing in the R&D of some of these fundamental bacterial vaccines that will be critical for the future; nevertheless there is a need to further discuss how to accelerate the development of such much needed vaccines.

This is the first time that a report evaluates in such a comprehensive manner the value of preventing infections in the first place when addressing the problem of antimicrobial resistance”, stated Vaccines Europe President Andrea Rappagliosi. “This paper will hopefully trigger a broader discussion on the type of actions needed in the fight against antimicrobial resistance, including a better use of existing vaccines based on the evidence we have available”.

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