Looking forward to the future of the vaccine industry

Happy Birthday, dear Vaccines Europe, and all the best for the next 30 years to come!

Being a proud member of the Vaccines Europe family, IDT Biologika is more than anything else looking forward to building an inspiring and successful environment to bring forward new vaccines and therapies to improve as many lives as possible!

IDT Biologika is celebrating its 100 anniversary, this year – and looking back, the world has been continuously changing since IDT was founded, in 1921.

We have always been involved in the development and production of vaccines, fighting infectious diseases worldwide – very often by providing emergency use vaccines.

What has been driving us since the beginning, is passion for science and commitment to public health.

This is what we share with our fellow pharma partners within the Vaccines Europe community, and this is what ultimately paves the way to finding the best solutions in research, development and manufacturing to bring innovation to patients!

We are still in the middle of a global pandemic situation, not knowing how this is evolving further.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of learnings already now that we need to address – and the most important learning by now, is: we need to address them jointly to be prepared to what ever is coming next.

We are looking forward to joining forces within Vaccines Europe, with our clients, partners and patients to make a significant difference!

This is not only about new drugs, this is about awareness, preparedness and commitment to public health.

The future is asking us for big changes – in almost all areas of live – we will only be able to address these through reliable and sustainable collaboration across companies, countries and continents.

Let’s embrace the opportunity to come together and make the best out of science….let’s make the world a healthier place!

IDT Biologika is looking forward to contributing to this journey.