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Europe is at the heart of global vaccine research and production. Most of the activities of the major innovative Vaccines Europe members research based-companies are based in the region.

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Vacancy – Manager, Policy and Government Affairs

2019 07 02 Written by Vaccines Europe

Vaccines Europe is recruiting a Manager, Policy and Government Affairs who will report to Vaccines Europe Executive Director. This position provides a great opportunity to actively engage in the EU policy making process, with EU policy makers and other stakeholders, and to learn about the vaccines industry. Read more…

Early Career Research Prize in Vaccinology R&D – 3rd edition

2019 06 12 Written by Vaccines Europe

The Early Career Research Prize in Vaccinology R&D is awarded by the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS) with the contribution of Vaccines Europe. The 2019 Prize edition aims at rewarding significant achievements in Vaccines R&D in Europe.

The prize rewards significant achievements in Vaccine R&D, including the discovery of new vaccine antigens, new vaccines design, understanding the basics of immune responses, new technologies that will improve the future of vaccines and vaccination and that are supported by proof-of-concept data (preclinical and clinical).

For information regarding application criteria, follow this link.

Vaccines Europe Statement on influenza vaccine supply in the 2019-20 Northern Hemisphere season

2019 04 30 Written by Vaccines Europe

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations for the viruses to be included in influenza vaccines each season provide critical guidance to national public health authorities, regulatory agencies and vaccine manufacturers in advance of development and production.

During the 21st February 2019 meeting (Beijing, China), the WHO postponed the recommendation of the A (H3N2) strain candidate. One month later, on the 21st of March 2019, the WHO recommended the A(H3N2) vaccine strain for the Northern Hemisphere 2019-2020 season. This was an A/Kansas/14/2017 (H3N2)-like virus (see link for the WHO 2019-2020 strain recommendation).

In line with the published statement of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations, IFPMA (see link for the IFPMA statement), Vaccines Europe (VE) would also like to reiterate that protecting public health through annual seasonal influenza vaccination campaigns and achieving vaccination coverage goals are critical. Following the WHO’s recommendations, it takes approximately 6-8 months to produce and approve the full global supply of influenza vaccines. VE encourages National Health Authorities to continue preparing their influenza vaccination campaigns, mindful of potential changes to the campaign start and end dates, given the late WHO announcement on A/H2N3 strain candidate.

As a longstanding public health partner in the field, VE and its members are closely cooperating with European and National Regulatory Authorities to minimise any potential delays and provide a sustainable and timely supply of influenza vaccines for the 2019/20 season.

Health industries welcome unprecedented progress leading to an adoption of Horizon Europe, its areas for missions and partnerships

2019 04 17 Written by Vaccines Europe

17 April 2019

The six undersigned European health industry associations representing small and large companies welcome the Council and the European Parliament agreement on the Horizon Europe legislation, including areas for partnerships and missions, which clearly demonstrates Europe’s commitment to research and innovation.

We welcome the overall structure and ambition of Horizon Europe. Europe has been at the forefront of life science research and a health mission is a palpable signal that it intends to keep on striving for excellence and impact. The challenges identified in the Horizon Europe “Health” cluster, with activities across the whole research and innovation spectrum, are centred on relevance and impact for patients and society. Read more…