Prevent the Preventable: Vaccines Europe Calls for a Coherent Vaccination Strategy in Europe

2014 06 05 Written by Vaccines Europe

(5 June – Lyon, FRANCE): Vaccines Europe today launched a campaign calling for a coherent vaccination strategy in Europe, with a clearer and more comprehensive agenda to “prevent the preventable”.

The campaign’s roadmap “PREVENTION FIRST: Vaccination at the heart of public health” proposes some actions to be addressed by EU authorities to develop a vaccination strategy for Europe. This aims to support EU Members States in achieving their immunisation policy objectives. Spending in primary prevention currently represents less than 3% of Member States’ overall healthcare budgets, and there is plenty of scope for further action to strengthen diseases prevention programmes.

Launching the campaign, Vaccines Europe President Andrea Rappagliosi said: “At a time of increasing debate on the need to establish sustainable healthcare systems, it is crucial to optimise the utilisation of effective measures. Vaccines are the most effective tools in setting a smarter spending agenda for healthcare in Europe.

“The growing complacency towards the risk posed by infectious diseases is resulting in recurring outbreaks of diseases once thought nearly eradicated. The impact of these outbreaks is carried by patients who suffer from diseases they should not have to suffer from, and by society and healthcare systems burdened by unnecessary costs of care. This is a global issue, but by taking action in Europe, we can contribute to stronger global health and set a positive benchmark overall.”

With an ageing demographic, adult and senior vaccination is becoming as important to 21st Century’s public health as childhood vaccination. As new vaccines are being licensed and indicated for adult and elderly populations a more consistent shift towards a life-course approach to immunisation is key. In this context and in the context of increased population mobility across borders, Vaccines Europe calls on a stronger European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control’s role in coordinating and guiding the implementation of effective national immunisation programmes at Member State level.

The Vaccines Europe roadmap is built on five main pillars:

  1. Implementing a holistic EU approach to prevention;
  2. Accelerating citizen access to innovative vaccines;
  3. Enhancing EU Citizens’ protection against preventable diseases;
  4. Supporting a stronger European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control; and
  5. Building effective communications strategies and stakeholder engagement.

The launch was made during a series of conferences in Lyon coinciding with the world life sciences forum, BIOVISION. This event brings together international decision makers from academic, private, policy-making and civil society to foster a productive dialogue on life sciences discoveries and their impact on society, and to translate innovative ideas into actionable solutions for the benefit of citizens.

The full roadmap can be accessed here.


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