Collaborating on IMI2: Strategic Research Agenda still open to ideas

2013 07 22 Written by Vaccines Europe

Excerpt from EFPIA Director of Science Policy Magda Chlebus, on the EFPIA blog

“Last week, the European Commission announced the draft IMI2 legislation, paving the way for a continuation of the IMI1 success story under Horizon 2020. While this draft legislation sets the operational framework, it is the Strategic Research Agenda that will define the content of the collaborative research projects under this public-private partnership. The SRA reflects some of the major challenges currently facing the European healthcare system, the pharmaceutical industry and the regulatory framework in Europe. It is intended to guide the development of specific projects and research programmes and sets the clear path for IMI2: The right prevention and treatment, for the right patient, at the right time.

Unlike IMI1, which was originally intended to address scientific bottlenecks in medicines R&D but then evolved to also address healthcare challenges, the SRA for IMI2 has a clear aim – bringing science to patients. Personalised medicines are one dream we are pursuing and advancing our knowledge in targeted therapies is a major point of focus. The process that led us to define goals like this one and develop the SRA was, like IMI itself, a collaborative effort. Based largely on the World Health Organization (WHO) Priority Medicines Report, the SRA was developed in broad consultation, both online and in face-to-face meetings. More than 60 organisations were consulted, including academia, patient groups, regulators, and others. The willingness of these parties to work together towards the creation of a SRA is invaluable, and we thank them all for their valuable input”.