Vaccines Europe Day Public Conference: Investing in Health Through Prevention

2013 10 25 Written by Vaccines Europe

On 24 October  2013, Vaccines Europe held a public conference centred on the theme  “Investing in Health Through Prevention: Towards Health & Growth”.

According to the recently launched European Commission Staff Working Document on ‘Investing in Health’, spending on prevention only averages 3% of overall Member State spending on healthcare in the EU27.

Prevention covers a wide-array of policies and programmes to enhance quality of life and reduce high treatment costs, from awareness raising and literacy activities to life-style related measures and vaccination programmes. Evidence suggesting the potential for improving resource allocation and cost-efficiency without increasing health spending per se is mounting and better spending at national level is determined not only by how much money is spent, but also how it is spent – which ultimately impacts health status and quality of healthcare provision.

Promoting health and growth means keeping people healthy and capable of an active societal contribution. In this regard prevention through immunisation plays an important role. This event represented an opportunity to gather public health spending analysts, health economists, public health experts, healthcare professional representatives, policy makers and industry to discuss how to make investment in health through prevention happen.


Agenda “Investing in Health Through Prevention: Towards Health & Growth”


Press release and report

Press release Vaccines Europe Day Public Conference

Report Vaccines Europe Day Public Conference



Opening keynote speech, Andrea RAPPAGLIOSI, President Vaccines Europe

Trends of spending on prevention in Europe, David MORGAN, Head of Health Accounts OECD 

Introduction to the SAATI Partnership, Daphne HOLT, SAATI member and VP CoMO

Benefits of Adult Immunisation: a Dutch case study, Mark CONNOLLY, CEO GMAS Consultancy

Vaccines Today Communication Challenge Award 2013, Gary FINNEGAN, Editor Vaccines Today



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