An industry for healthy lives

Europe is at the heart of global vaccine research and production. Most of the activities of the major innovative Vaccines Europe members research based-companies are based in the region.

The European vaccines industry in figures

Vaccines Europe conducts a biennial survey among its members to map the vaccine industry’s contribution to Europe’s public health and economy. The survey captures a wide range of social and economic data to promote a broader understanding of this strategically important industry. The Vaccines Europe surveys, conducted since 2002, provide an insight into the innovation, research and development, employment and manufacturing undertaken by the industry in Europe. With the information collected every two years, Vaccines Europe’s database reveals industrial trends that can assist policy makers and other stakeholders concerned with Europe’s social and economic development.

The latest infographic ‘The EU vaccine industry in figures’ can be accessed here.

For more information on previous surveys on the vaccines industry’s contribution to Europe, please check our Publications section.