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Europe is at the heart of global vaccine research and production. Most of the activities of the major innovative Vaccines Europe members research based-companies are based in the region.

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) for vaccines

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is a multi-disciplinary field of policy analysis intended to provide a bridge between researchers and decision makers.  For this purpose HTAs globally evaluate the safety, effectiveness, costs and organisational, legal and ethic repercussions of the use of a new medical technology.

In the light of the discussions at EU level on HTA, Vaccines Europe conducted a project to identify vaccine-specific HTA related issues; develop a framework for vaccine HTA; review currently available pharmaco-economic guidelines to assess if the vaccine-specific issues are addressed and conduct a gap analysis to understand the reason why vaccine-specific issues might not be addressed in guidelines.

In December 2014, Vaccines Europe published a widely disseminated Position Paper on Developing a specific and coordinated framework for Health Technology Assessment of Vaccines in Europe where it called for: A specific and comprehensive framework for HTA of vaccines in dialogue with key EU stakeholders, including the HTA Network and EUnetHTA with a view to fostering common good practice in method and evaluation throughout Europe to ensure rapid implementation of effective vaccination programmes.

At the Health Technology Assessment International (HTAi) in June 2015 in Oslo, Vaccines Europe sponsored a working lunch on  Producing evidence of value for vaccine HTA.

In February 2016, HTAi has approved the establishment of a new HTAi Interest Group for Assessment of Vaccination Programs, whose vision is to promote and develop the interdisciplinary assessment of vaccination programmes in a consistent, comprehensive manner to produce relevant, objective assessments that inform policy making and improve population health.

A workshop on Setting priorities for the new HTAi Interest Group on Vaccines HTA was held in Tokyo in May 2016, where different aspects of vaccines assessment were considered and areas of development that would be suited to the membership of HTAi and which could be addressed in an IG were identified.