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Europe is at the heart of global vaccine research and production. Most of the activities of the major innovative Vaccines Europe members research based-companies are based in the region.


Vaccines Europe papers and publications (Update: July 2018)

  Vaccines Europe reflection paper on the Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD) implementation


_ Vaccines Europe Paper: Improving Access and Convenience to Vaccination


  Vaccine Europe position on the IPROVE Industry R&D priorities


  Potential labelling/packaging improvements to facilitate vaccine supply


  Immunisation Information Systems at the cornerstone of improved vaccination policies in a digital Europe


  EFPIA, EBE and Vaccines Europe Back EU Leadership in Sustainable, Collaborative Fight Against AMR


  Vaccines Europe priorities for vaccination policies in Europe


  Towards a sustainable and integrated development and implementation of new prophylactic vaccines



  Vaccines Europe position paper on Life-long immunisation


From vaccines shortages to sustainable vaccine supply


Role of vaccination in reducing antimicrobial resistance


Vaccines Europe position paper on Vaccines HTA


Reflection paper on the Safety Assessment of Residuals and Contaminants in Vaccines


Reply to the Green Paper on the modernisation of EU public procurement policy


Implementation of the EU Paediatric Regulation and its Impact on Vaccine Development – Issues and Proposals for Improvement


General report on experience acquired as a result of the application of the paediatric regulation


VE industry vision on future R&D


Adult_Vaccination Key Component of Healthy Ageing (SAATI Report)


Attitudes to Vaccination Critical Review


EFPIA VE IMI2 Strategic Research Agenda


NITAG policies in developed countries – Vaccine


Strengthening NITAG policies – Vaccine



Vaccines: a tool for spending smart


Prevention First: Vaccination at Heart of Public Health


The impact of influenza vaccination in the European Union


How long for a vaccine to reach European population? A Vaccines Europe study


The Vaccines Industry in figures


Vaccines’ contribution to Europe’s future


Other resources (events, external materials, etc.)

OECD presentations on Investment in Prevention (2013)


GMAS presentation on Benefits of Adult Immunisation (2013)


Gallery of Vaccines Europe Day 2013 (flickr)