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We all have a role to play to ensure European citizens are protected against vaccine-preventable diseases. Our manifesto explains our vision and what needs to happen to make this a reality.
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Did you know?

Vaccines are saving 2-3 million lives globally every year by preventing infectious diseases1
Vaccination contributes to health, healthcare systems and society at large by preventing morbidity and mortality
Vaccines can protect everyone: newborn babies, infants, children, adults and older adults2
Vaccines offer community-wide protection3
Close to 30 diseases today are vaccine-preventable
It costs less than 4,000 Euro to protect a person against the 17 most relevant vaccine-preventable diseases for their entire life4
Vaccines play an important role in the fight against antimicrobial resistance5
More than 80% of vaccine doses are produced in Europe by R&D-led pharmaceutical companies6


Vaccines are a victim of their own success7

The absence of severe diseases, due to effective vaccines and vaccination programmes, is leading to the mis-perception that vaccination is not needed anymore

European communities are at risk

We see an increase of vaccine-preventable diseases in Europe leading to the recurrence of diseases. Despite the goal of eliminating measles by 20208, in the first half of 2018, more than 10,000 cases of measles and 31 deaths were reported in the EU/EEA9

Fake news making the situation worse

Despite the high-quality standards that apply to vaccine production (> 100 quality checks10 per product), robust clinical trials and strict pharmacovigilance, vaccine safety and effectiveness are repeatedly challenged

Many vaccines are undervalued and underutilised

Less than 0.5% of health budgets in many European countries are spent on vaccination11, 12

The sustainability of vaccine supply is being challenged

Only a few manufacturers can meet the high-quality standards and handle the high-risk vaccine production processes and development costs. This makes short-term or unexpected changes in vaccine demand difficult to respond to. Finding solutions to this problem requires a concerted effort by all key stakeholders

Health for all

Life course vaccinations protect everyone, from newborns to senior citizens

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European excellence

Europe is at the heart of vaccine R&D and production

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Stronger together

Maintaining a healthy vaccine demand and supply ecosystem

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EU leaders have a critical role to play by building on the 2017-2019 momentum on vaccination and supporting the implementation of the goals laid out in the Council Recommendation in the EU Member States. Vaccines Europe welcomes the EU vaccination initiatives and encourages public authorities together with all stakeholders to implement them. This will ensure vaccination remains the cornerstone of a successful prevention policy in Europe, which can protect all European citizens against vaccine-preventable diseases.
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