Vaccines for a healthier Europe

Vaccines are one of the greatest medical achievements of our time, saving 2-3 million lives globally each year by preventing infectious diseases.

Vaccination plays a vital part in ensuring the public health and wellbeing of European citizens, by preventing disease, reducing the burden on health services and supporting healthy populations.

Vaccines Europe supports broad access to immunisation, enabling better protection of the health of individuals and the wider community throughout life, with both existing vaccines and those in development.

We won’t rest until we’ve helped make the world a healthier place for everyone.

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The European Vaccine Industry in figures

I.7 billion vaccines are produced in Europe annually
12 research sites across 8 European countries are leading the discovery of next generation vaccines to meet unmet needs
Vaccines are produced in 11 European countries across 27 Vaccine Production Sites
The Vaccine Industry is an EU leader in R&D intensity, delivering more investment value than any other innovative industry
In 2019, the vaccine industry was responsible for 122,010 direct, indirect and induced jobs

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