Global partnership launched to prevent epidemics with new vaccines

2017 01 20 Written by Vaccines Europe

A global coalition to create new vaccines for emerging infectious diseases, was launched on 18th January at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This coalition is funded by the governments of Germany, Japan and Norway, plus the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust and supported by several leading vaccine companies.

Please find the official announcement here, and the IFPMA support statement here.

Vaccines Europe paper on antimicrobial resistance

2016 11 16 Written by Vaccines Europe

The frequency of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is increasing in Europe and constitutes a serious danger to public health. Evidence has shown that existing vaccines have a positive impact in reducing AMR. In addition, new vaccines could play a critical role in preventing multi-drug resistant infections, such as from S. aureus, C. difficile and E. coli.

Access and download our paper here.

Vaccines Europe position paper on Life-long immunisation

2016 10 10 Written by Vaccines Europe

Vaccine-preventable diseases have significant impacts on adult mortality, health and quality of life. Adult vaccination has been given less emphasis than other health priorities and its benefits to societies are not as well recognised. Current national vaccination recommendations focusing on childhood vaccines need to be expanded to ensure opportunities for other population groups, such as adults and particularly those ages 65 and older, who are at highest risk for many infections.

Vaccines Europe calls on public health authorities to set up a structured dialogue/platform bringing together all stakeholders with the objective of establishing a roadmap for putting at the top of national agendas a life-long vaccination approach in Europe, as proposed in the Council conclusions on vaccinations as an effective tool in public health. Our position paper can be accessed here.

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