An industry for healthy lives

Vaccines Europe represents all the major vaccine companies operating in Europe which undertake 79% of their global production and more than 50% of their global research projects in the region.

Value of the industry

In the late 18th century, Edward Jenner, an English physician, conducted the first scientific attempt to control smallpox, a life-threatening disease that has ever since been eradicated. Over 200 hundred years later, Europe continues to be at the centre of the global vaccine industry impacting positively the European economy.

Vaccine Europe members, though global in nature and contributing to public health worldwide, undertake most of their R&D and manufacturing operations in Europe. In 2010, 79% of Vaccines Europe members’ production was manufactured in Europe and 58% of the total R&D investment was committed to Europe. Furthermore, Vaccines Europe members play an important role in creating employment making a positive impact on Europe’s economy and society.

The European vaccines industry in figures

Vaccines Europe conducts a biennial survey among its members to map the vaccine industry’s contribution to Europe’s public health and economy. Read more…