An industry for healthy lives

Vaccines Europe represents all the major vaccine companies operating in Europe which undertake 79% of their global production and more than 50% of their global research projects in the region.

Vaccines Europe board & team

Executive Board

  • President – Andrea RAPPAGLIOSI (Sanofi Pasteur MSD)
  • Vice-President – Jesús ACEBILLO (Novartis)
  • Treasurer – Mike WATSON (Sanofi Pasteur)
  • Ahmed BOUZIDI (Vaxeal)
  • Thomas BREUER (GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines)
  • Stefan FOLKESSON (Crucell)
  • Yves LEURQUIN (Takeda)
  • Pascale MAURAN (Pfizer)
  • Edgar NOUSS (MSD)
  • Eric NOWAK (Abbott Biologicals)

Working Group and Taskforce Chairpersons

  • Bernadette HENDRICKX (Sanofi Pasteur) – Regulatory & Scientific WG
  • Antony KIEVID (Sanofi Pasteur MSD) – National Vaccine Industry Coordination WG
  • Vanina LAURENT-LEDRU (MSD) – External Affairs WG
  • Anjana NARAIN (GSK Vaccines) – Influenza WG
  • Christelle SAINT-SARDOS (Sanofi Pasteur MSD) – People Access WG
  • Mike WATSON (Sanofi Pasteur) – R&D WG

Executive Team

  • Magdalena RODRÍGUEZ DE AZERO – Executive Director
  • Karam ADEL ALI – Manager Policy & Government Affairs
  • Anne MEYNAERTS – Administrative Assistant